JENS L THOMSEN is a composer, artist and producer based on the Faroe Islands. He has an MSc in Environmental and Architectural Acoustics from London South Bank University as well as a BA in Music Technology from University of West London. His art typically explores the intersection between art, technology and environment. Through his project ORKA, Jens has twice been nominated for the Nordic Council Music Award.
GENERATION LOSS samples a clip from the 1964 sci-fi Time Travellers. The clip is copied from one VHS tape to another 135 times.  With each copy, the image quality progressively deteriorates, resulting in washed-out colors, warped image and sound, and eventually transforming into abstract noise.

The piece takes inspiration from hauntological teachings which suggest that mankind has lost the ability to envision a future different from the present. 

The sampled clip depicts scientists who accidentally travel too far back in time, and this pivotal moment is replayed endlessly in the project. By offering the option to rewind the tape and start from the beginning, the audience is invited to contemplate the cyclical nature of time and the potential for new perspectives.

The film was featured as part of the Ólavsøkuframsýningin exhibition at the Faroe Islands National Gallery in 2020. GENERATION LOSS was made available for purchase as limited edition VHS copies.