Royal Festival Hall


In connection with the Nordic Matters Festival, the Southbank Centre has commissioned composer Jens L. Thomsen to create a soundscape for the Royal Festival Hall in London. The soundscape NORÐ will explore the unifying traits of the Nordic region and an open call for sounds has been launched inviting people from the Nordic countries to submit sound recordings which will be part of the final piece. The soundscape will be played back through loudspeakers in select areas of the Royal Festival Hall.


The auditorium of the Royal Festival Hall is often referred to as an architectural 'egg in a box' because of the way it was designed to be suspended in the middle of the building. NORÐ will try to build a metaphorical Nordic nest for the egg to rest in. The nest will be framed by sound imagery built with elements from the underwater world, the surface of the water, bird-cliff environments, and the sky. Additionally individual spaces of the Royal Festival Hall will also be exploring the following sub themes: Earth, fire, and ice, referencing the conditions and natural elements of the Nordic region, e.g. volcanic and arctic.


People who live in Åland, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden are invited to submit sound samples which will be selected and woven into the final sound piece. When sourcing sounds participants of the open call will be free to interpret the imagery and themes in either a naturalistic or abstract manner, which will contribute to a conceptual and speculative sound piece rather than a literal reproduction of sounds.


Participants are asked to submit a zip file containing wav or mp3 files to via or similar file transfer service by Feb 14, 2017. Qualifying contributors will not receive fees or royalties for the soundscape and possible future releases, but will be credited. It is therefore important that the sound files as well as the zip file are carefully labelled with a) country code, b) full name of the participant, c) file number. Example: FO Jens L. Thomsen 1.wav, FO Jens L. Thomsen 2.wav etc.


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